Release Notes



Mar 23 2018

Linux GUI: annotate is now ready (blame). Just right click a controlled item in the workspace explorer view, and select the "annotate" menu item.


Linux GUI: Load only the last 500 values of an attribute due to a performance issue with the dropdown control. Otherwise it takes forever to load. We tested with 30k values (reported by a customer) and it freezed for more than 30 secs.


GUI client apps (Plastic, Gluon and Mergetool) will now leave rolling log files in $HOME\.plastic4\logs folder. In case of windows, the folder path is %LOCALAPPDATA%\plastic4\logs\.

Those apps will generate an info log file with relevant telemetry and another log file with more details and debug info.


Server: Add support for OpenLDAP with the anonymous access disabled.


Windows GUI, Gluon, Linux and OS X: Remember the workspace base path between sessions. By default, PlasticSCM proposes the $HOME/wkspaces directory to create new workspaces. Now, if the user changes this directory, Plastic will remember the base path and will propose it for the next time.


TeamCity plugin: The auto-merge capability is now able to merge branches when the file conflicts are automatic. Before the fix, any file conflict (automatic or not) rejected the merge.


Changesets can't be deleted when there are shelves depending on them. However, the Jet backend incorrectly allowed this to happen. As a result, the dangling shelves became unusable (they couldn't be applied nor viewed). We've fixed this so this scenario of the 'delete changeset' operation won't happen anymore under Jet.


Jenkins plugin: Reduced the number of duplicated builds that can happen using the Plastic SCM plugin. Now, the scm polling takes into account the current build avoiding to start a new build for the same changeset.


Linux GUI: Fixed a "collection modified" exception when closing the annotate view.

Internal and public releases

The Plastic SCM development team works in short iterations delivering frequent releases.Our goal is to have at least one new release every week, with new functionalities, bug fixes and performance tweaks.

Every 'weekly' release is not published to our customers, but we like to detail each of them in the release notes so users can easily follow what we achieved on every short iteration.

The releases marked with the word "public" are the ones we do publish on the website. The ones marked as "internal" are the releases we create in-house to keep the project moving week after week.

Version numbering

Starting in Plastic SCM 4.0 the version numbering schema has been modified:

  • major.minor.compatibility.buildnumber

  • Sample: means:
    • 8 -> major release number
    • 0 -> minor release number
    • 16 -> compatibility -> all clients and servers with "16" in the compat number are compatible, even if the build number changes
    • 3333 -> internal build number