Send Suggestions to UserVoice

We actively monitor UserVoice. We start new sprints every 2 weeks and we regularly select suggestions made by users.

Some examples:

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Post general questions to StackOverflow

You can use StackOverflow to ask general questions about how to use Plastic SCM, setup specific workflows and best patterns and practices.

StackOverflow helps us getting more visibility and your question will be answered quickly too :-)


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Use the Forum

The forum is a very active site where users ask questions, resolve doubts, share experiences and also submit bugs.

It is actively monitored and answered by us, so questions are answered immediately.

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Contact the support team directly

If you are a customer, you can get priority service through our support platform:

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If you are evaluating, or you are in a real hurry, email us at

There is only one thing we do better than developing Plastic SCM—user support. We care about every single user; we do listen. We are the most accessible and responsive group of version control experts you will ever find. Guaranteed.

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