Release Notes

Public Mar 26 2018


New feature in preview: server-side merge (or "merge-to" with conflict resolution, if you prefer).

To enable it: add this in your client.conf:


If you have been using Plastic for a while, chances are you are familiar with the "merge-to" feature. It lets you do "workspace less" merges. Like, you don't even have a workspace, but you can merge "main/task127" into "main".

But, merge-to had a big restriction: it only worked if there were no manual conflicts. As soon as a file had a conflict (even a simple one that could be fully automated), or a directory was in conflict, merge-to stopped.

Now this changed, and all type of conflicts, including file merges, can be resolved in merge-to.

The motivation behind the change? We are all moving towards more automated workflows where every single branch is tested before being merged. So, under that way of thinking, testing in your workspace first is not always necessary. We changed our minds here because, for years, we thought it was good to build and test your code locally prior to checkin the result of the merge, but DevOps and automation are changing all that, so now we feel confident of this merge-to with conflict resolution approach.

The feature is in preview at this point because is just out from the oven, but it will be enabled by default soon.


Linux GUI (Gtk): Now, you can create new attributes directly from the GUI. To do so, click on the "Apply attributes" button on the right of the Branch Explorer, and click on the "Create" button next to the attribute list.