Release Notes

Public Mar 08 2016


Linux (GTK) GUI: The 'Pending changes' view will now display a side panel to link the new changeset to issue tracker tasks. It is required to have an issue tracker extension configured to 'bind issues to Plastic changesets' mode.

How to configure issue trackers on Linux: There are two options:

1) Using global configuration -

2) Manually editing the issue tracker configuration, an example using our internal issue tracking system (please note it will be different for JIRA, but you get the idea)

The config is at .plastic4/issuetrackers/yourserver_port/allrepos/configfile.conf

Example:/home/pablo/.plastic4/issuetrackers/, and the file contents are as follows:

Name=TTS host;;Type=Host;IsGlobal=False
Name=Branch prefix;Value=scm;Type=BranchPrefix;IsGlobal=False
Name=View defect URL;Value={0};Type=Text;IsGlobal=False

Finally, you have to edit the .plastic4/client.conf file to bind Plastic SCM to the configured issue tracker system. To do that, open the file and add the following contents as an example:

<Extension AssemblyFile="/opt/plasticscm5/client/extensions/ttsextension/ttsextension.dll" />


Linux (GTK) GUI: The 'Create branch' dialog has been completely refurbished. It offers users the possibility to select a pending task from the configured issue tracker to automatically fill in the branch name and comments text fields. Additionally, a request can be sent to the issue tracker to mark the selected task as 'opened' (*).

(*): The 'open task in issue tracker' feature won't work with JIRA versions >= 7.x. This incompatibility will be addressed soon.