Release Notes



Feb 16 2016

Unity 3D plugin: Enhanced Gluon support from Unity 3D Plugin. A new button (named 'Select loaded Assets') is available in Unity's 'Versioning' tab. Clicking this button, the Gluon's 'Configure workspace' view will be show, allowing the user to select Assets to be loaded/unloaded in the workspace.

The Assets selection in Gluon automatically selects Unity's '.meta' files if they exist.


Unity 3D plugin: The Unity 3D plugin now show progress when downloading incoming changes (update operation).


Windows GUI: SemanticSCM: Implemented a mechanism to disable Semantic Diff for certain file extensions. A semanticexcluded.conf file can be placed inside the Plastic SCM configuration directory: %HOMEPATH%/AppData/Local/plastic4. This file will contain patterns to match the files to diff. Semantic diff will be disabled for files whose path matches any of those patterns.

Example: Having the following semanticexcluded.conf file:



The semantic diff won't be displayed for the following items (server path format):






Pending Changes: Improved performance when looking for changes (status command) on disk.

Test performed:

Having a workspace with: 330967 files and 800 Folders (60.7 GB)

Before these performance improvements, the find changes operation took 18 seconds.

Before these performance improvements, the find changes operation took 2,7 seconds.


FMOD plugin: Greatly improved plugin performance by executing commands in a background shell.

WARNING: requires FMOD Studio version <= 1.06.x


Linux: The linux packages will now sync the Mono certificates with the machine certificates during the install/upgrade, taking advantage of the cert-sync command bundled with Mono 4.3.


Linux (GTK) GUI and Mac OS GUI: When diffing a branch or changeset and there are no diffs to show, an informative message appears on the bottom message panel to inform about this fact.


Linux (GTK) GUI and Mac OS GUI: Added default action for shelves view. When double clicking a shelve, a diff window is launched showing the contents of the shelve.


Windows GUI: 'Diff' viewers: Fixed an 'index out of range' exception using the editable diffs in a border-case scenario: Set 'Ignore EOL and whitespaces' comparison method option and then remove a difference in the last line of the file.


Windows GUI: The tab order in the 'Diff and merge' preferences page was incorrect. Now it's fixed.


Unity 3D plugin: Fixed a 'client authentication mode mismatch' exception during the check-in operation from a workspace that points to a different server than the one configured in the client.conf file.


Gluon: The main window cannot be resized beyond the screen size. Now it's fixed.


Gluon: The theme color of the workspace explorer's 'items' tree was not properly restored after entering in 'Configure workspace' mode and come back to the workspace explorer. Fixed.


Linux (GTK) GUI and Mac OS GUI: The cloud encryption dialog was not appearing in the replication operation. Fixed.


Linux (GTK) GUI and Mac OS GUI: The 'items' view was throwing an error when there was an unresolved xlink in the workspace. Fixed.


Linux (GTK) GUI and Mac OS GUI: Several aesthetic improvements have been made:

* Missing 'Shelve' icon in the 'Shelves' view has been fixed.

* Info displayed in the 'About' dialog has been updated.

* Added task bar icons.


Linux (GTK) GUI: Under some circumstances, an 'argument is out of range' exception is thrown when the user changes the selection in the 'Pending changes' view. Fixed.


Mac OS GUI: The 'Diff' viewer was not properly refreshed after undoing or checking-in all the changes in the pending changes view. Fixed.


Mac OS GUI: Fixed wrapped lines containing tabs in the 'Diff' and 'Merge' viewers.


Linux (GTK) and Mac OS mergetools: when toggling contributors on automatic conflicts, a wrong information was displayed in the conflict resolution panel. It showed that the current conflict was 'non automatic' when it was resolved by the user indeed. Fixed.


Linux (GTK) mergetool: Several aesthetic improvements have been made:

* Fixed file names padding on diff viewer.

* Hide notification message bar when the diff tool is launched.


Visual Studio plugin: using the dark theme, the 'Differences' textbox couldn't be read because of an inaccurate foreground color. Fixed.


Polarion plugin: Unable to list newly created changesets after a 'delete changeset' operation. Fixed.

Internal and public releases

The Plastic SCM development team works in short iterations delivering frequent releases.Our goal is to have at least one new release every week, with new functionalities, bug fixes and performance tweaks.

Every 'weekly' release is not published to our customers, but we like to detail each of them in the release notes so users can easily follow what we achieved on every short iteration.

The releases marked with the word "public" are the ones we do publish on the website. The ones marked as "internal" are the releases we create in-house to keep the project moving week after week.

Version numbering

Starting in Plastic SCM 4.0 the version numbering schema has been modified:

  • major.minor.compatibility.buildnumber

  • Sample: means:
    • 5 -> major release number
    • 0 -> minor release number
    • 44 -> compatibility -> all clients and servers with "44" in the compat number are compatible, even if the build number changes
    • 511 -> internal build number