Release Notes

Public Feb 09 2016


Linux: Upgrade to Mono 4.3. Starting on release all the Plastic SCM packages for Linux distros depend on our build of Mono 4.3.

For months we relied on Mono 3.x, but after detecting stability issues on some distros (specially OpenSUSE 13.2) leading to crashes, we decided to upgrade. The key issue was related to a given zlib packaged on some distros forcing a strange crash on the GTK GUI.

We’ve tested 4.3 for months and it probed to work fine on the scenarios that used to crash. That’s why now we decided to upgrade all Linux packages to depend on our own Mono 4.3 custom build.

(Compiled Mono Source changeset:;b6dfce621f70115cd16e75a743cbbdee5ac6610e )


Windows GUI: Added a preference to automatically close the 'merge' view and open the 'pending changes' view after processing a merge.

This feature was an 'user voice' request finally implemented:


Visual Studio: New plugin available to show current workspace selector info inside Visual Studio window title.

More info:

Source code:


Windows GUI: The 'Issue tracking' tab on the Preferences dialog wasn't saving some fields after modifying them. Fixed.


Mac OS GUI: Fixed some navigation and scroll issues in the 'diff' viewer:

* The 'diff' viewer did not navigate to the last line properly.

* The 'current difference' was not properly highlighted when after loading the contents for the first time, or after changing the comparison method.

* The 'diff count' labels were not being displayed correctly when the numbers have more than a digit.


Linux (GTK) GUI and Mac OS GUI: 'Branch explorer' view: When a workspace was not up-to-date, the branch explorer did not display any changeset because the scroll was not correctly set. Now, when this scenario is detected, the scroll is moved to make the last changeset visible.


ReviewBoard plugin adapted to correctly parse the 'cm lrep' command output.