Release Notes

Public Jul 07 2021


All platforms - Plastic, Gluon: Makefiles considered as txt files

Before this change, we were considering Makefiles as binary files by default, and users had to manually add the following lines in filetypes.conf to consider them as text files:



Now they are considered as text by default


Windows - Visual Studio Plugin: The plugin doesn't modify the .csproj anymore

Our VS plugin used to write some properties in the project file (.csproj) to know whether the project is under Plastic version control.

Now, the plugin will automatically detect whether you're using Plastic as Source control directly, without any need to use those properties.


All platforms - Plastic, Gluon, Command line client: Checkin operation performance improved: 2x faster!

We tweaked the default thread pools the checkin operation uses to upload data to the plastic server.

With these new default settings, we expect the checkin operation to be 2x faster than older default settings (since we doubled these default thread pool values).

We used the following setup to compare the old default values:

* Hardware: bare Intel Xeon E5 1620 @3.6GHZ, 8GB RAM, 8 cores, Windows 10

* Networking: 1gbps wired network

* Plastic workspace: 20000 files, 2000 directories, 1.25GB total workspace size

* checkin the whole workspace to a plastic cloud repository by using command line:

cm checkin c:/perf_workspace --timer --silent


* With old default settings, the checkin took 174 seconds.

* With new default settings, the checkin took 72 seconds (2.4x faster)


All platforms - Web UI: Branches list UI update

- Consolidated the look & feel of the branches list.

- Extended the capabilities of search and filtering.


All Platforms - Server: Fixed multiple repositories with same name in concurrency scenarios.

If users attempted to create repositories with the same name at exactly the same time, sometimes the system would allow it. This has been fixed so you can no longer have duplicate repositories.


All platforms - Web UI: Labels list UI update

- Consolidated the look & feel of the labels list.

- Extended the capabilities of search and filtering.


All platforms - Web UI: Changesets list UI update

- Consolidated the look & feel of the changesets list.

- Extended the capabilities of search and filtering.


Windows - Plastic: Fixed unexpected error in the branch explorer

Sometimes, when clicking on the branch explorer before it finished launching, Plastic may throw an unexpected error. We protected this scenario and now it won't happen


All platforms - Web UI: Fixed file explorer performance issues when viewing large files


All platforms - All clients: The LDAP/auth token expired wrongly displayed.

Two error messages were potentially displayed wrongly:

The LDAP token expired. User: xxx

The auth token expired: User: xx

It happened if:

* You were using Unity ID (SSO)

* And you changed your password in

* And your client.conf was pointing to your_org@cloud instead of "local" which is the default

Under these circumstances, instead of asking you for creds, a bug in the code just complained about the situation without providing a solution.



Windows, macOS - Plastic: Added warning to Code Review when item cannot be shown

We improved the user experience for two scenarios:

1. A file is added, somebody makes a Code Review comment on it, and then that file is deleted in the same branch.

Previously in this case, clicking on the comment did nothing at all. This is because we can't show the deleted item. We improved this scenario by showing a warning to the user.

2. A deleted file with a comment is not visible in the file list due to a filter

Previously in this case we would fail to show the file because it is not visible due to the filter. On Mac, we now show a warning in this case. On Windows, we clear the filter (and warn the user) so that the item can be shown.


All platforms - Web UI: Code review changesets change

Fixed a bug where, in code reviews, when changing changesets, it wasn't selecting the first file in the list.


All platforms - Plastic, CLI: Allow checkin pending changes under an out of date Xlink

The incoming changes said the message "There's nothing to download :-)" when you tried to checkin pending changes under a Xlink that was out of date. As a result, the checkin could not be completed.

This happened when someone else worked directly against the repository of the Xlink and created a new changeset on it. Thus, the parent repository (the one that contains the Xlink) points to the branch head although there are new changes on the branch of the Xlink repo that needs to be merged.

Now the checkin requires a merge on the Xlink. After running the merge, the checking can be completed.