Release Notes

Public Jun 30 2021


Windows - Plastic: Auto-update!

Now you can update Plastic on Windows to the latest version from within the application itself.

When Plastic detects that a new version is available, the help panel will display a notification telling you which version is available. On the help panel is a link to download the latest version.

Here is the new version notification:

Simply click the link to download the update. You'll see progress in the notification bar at the bottom of the screen.


Once downloaded, you can click the button in the notification bar to launch the updater and restart Plastic.

Restart & upgrade:


All platforms - Web UI: File annotations

Added support for file annotations (blame).


All platforms - Web UI: Fixed the following issues

- Corrected the code review reviewed button selected color

- Added missing latest changeset description to the file view


All platforms - Web UI: File annotations

- Fix annotations starting one line earlier.

- Fix failing navigation from annotations to the branch.

- Added default comment when there isn't one.