Release Notes

Public Jun 29 2021


Windows - Visual Studio Plugin: The plugin doesn't modify the .sln anymore

Our VS plugin used to write some properties in the solution file (.sln) to know whether the solution has Plastic configured as version control.

Now, the plugin will automatically detect whether you're using Plastic as Source control directly, without any need to use those properties.


All platforms - Web UI: Code review semantic diff fixes

Semantic diff has been reenabled after being fixed. You'll now be able to use semantic diff on code reviews for all supported file types.


Windows - Visual Studio Plugin: Fixed null reference opening the workspaces dialog

Using the Plastic plugin for Visual Studio, you would run into a null reference exception if you clicked the "Change current workspace" button in the "Workspace working info" panel and you don't have any workspace registered. This unlikely scenario could happen if you have a valid workspace on disk but an empty list of registered workspaces for your client in that machine.


All platforms - Plastic onboarding: Cannot create an organization from the signup flow

Few releases back ( the possibility of creating an organization after signup got broken. Fixed.