Release Notes

Public Mar 23 2021


Windows - Installer: The server is now started on unattended installs

Unattended installations of Plastic SCM (CLOUD and DVCS editions) will configure the Plastic Server with default values and start it up. This is done just if no previous Plastic Server installation was detected in the system.

Note that the Enterprise edition installers already behaved in this way.

TIP: you can launch the installers in unattended modes using the following CLI:

PlasticSCM- --mode unattended --unattendedmodeui minimal
PlasticSCM- --mode unattended --unattendedmodeui none


All platforms - Plastic: Check if the selected server is cloud when creating a distributed workspace in cloud edition

When creating a new distributed workspace, you must specify the remote cloud repository. If you wrongly selected a non-cloud repository, Plastic showed an ugly DNS error after trying to connect to the non-existing server. We improved this behavior, and now we check if the selected repository is on a cloud server, so you can see the error before trying to connect to the server




All platforms - Plastic: Connect to cloud servers from enterprise edition

When we launched SSO we created an issue that prevented the enterprise edition client to correctly connect to a cloud server. We fixed this issue


macOS, Linux - Plastic: Fixed exception when listing objects in a different repository

The GUI sometimes displayed an error in query views (branches, labels, changesets, ...) and got closed if the user clicked one of the listed items. This happened when the user modified the query to retrieve objects from a repository different from the one loaded in the current workspace.

This happened for labels, shelves, changesets, branches and attributes. We fixed all of them in macOS and Linux. This issue didn't happen in Windows.