Release Notes

Public Nov 22 2019


Unity 3D plugin: The plugin now propertly deletes local, private assets.

If you want to know more about this: the underlying Version Control needs to delete private/local assets starting on Unity Editor 2019.X. Older Editor versions are still compatible with this plugin version.


Windows - Plastic: We improved the look and feel of the comment icons in the Code Review bar. Hovered or selected comments weren't visible enough. Now you'll notice how comment icons change when you select them or you hover the mouse cursor over them: they'll grow larger and get a thicker, double-lined border.

This is the aspect it has:

As you can see, you can disable this starting Plastic GUI with the --cr-disable-high-contrast-colors flag:

> plastic.exe --cr-disable-high-contrast-colors


Windows - Gluon: Incoming changes: There's a new view called "Incoming Changes". It previews what Gluon needs to download.

This new view will eventually allow you to preview, download, and solve file conflicts when there are new changes.

Right now this feature only does the first stage: previewing. To see its power in action, stay tuned for upcoming releases!

This feature is experimental. You need to manually activate it by adding the following line to the client.conf configuration file. On Windows, it is at %LocalAppData%\plastic4 folder:



Windows - Plastic: The discarded Change Requests in a code review no longer appear in the "Close change requested in review" combo-box in the Pending Changes view.


All platforms - Gluon: The update operation handles better the moved changes in the following ways:

= First scenario =

* Mark has the file /action/member.c checked-out in the workspace.

* Steffy moves the file from /action/member.c to /animation/member.c and check it in.

* Mark runs an update and Plastic properly applies the movement, so he has /animation/member.c checked-out now.

= Second scenario =

* Steffy moves in her workspace the file /action/member.c to /animation/member.c but she doesn't check it in.

* Mark modifies the file /action/member.c and checks it in.

* Steffy runs an update and the new revision of member.c is updated at her moved location /animation/member.c.

Before this improvement, the update just showed an error saying that Plastic can't apply the operation and updated nothing in the workspace. Now, it just makes it :)


All platforms - Server: Fixed a deadlock issue using an SQL backend. This deadlock happened on really corner scenarios under heavy load.


Windows - Plastic: Sometimes, in the new Code Review system, the 'Review Comments Summary' appeared empty even though there were comments in the review. Now it's fixed!


Windows - Gluon: Some buttons ellipsized their captions if the text was long enough. This issue particularly hit those who use Gluon with Japanese localization. The GUI didn't calculate the button width correctly because the default font in Japanese is different from the one used in Western languages. Now it's fixed! A special shout out to our friend Hiroaki Nakano for letting us know about this problem.


All platforms - Server: Fixed an issue with trigger filters where it was necessary to append '*' to the filter for it to work with repositories.

For example, the trigger...:

cm trigger create before-checkin MyTrigger c:\tmp\mytrigger.bat --filter="rep:repo2,*" now equivalent to...:

cm trigger create before-checkin MyTrigger c:\tmp\mytrigger.bat --filter="rep:repo2"

...without the ",*" at the end.


macOS - Plastic: The annotate view didn't disable the navigation buttons while the navigation operation ran. This left the door open to null reference errors if you clicked the navigation buttons quick enough. Not anymore!


Linux - Plastic: The annotate view didn't disable the navigation buttons while the navigation operation ran. It does now, so it's consistent with the general behavior of the GUI when any operation runs.


All platforms - Server (Jet backend): The server will now upgrade any outdated repository database on its startup stage.

This could happen in the following scenario:

* Create a backup of a repository database.

* Upgrade the Plastic Server to a newer version.

* Finally, replace the repository database with the backup.


All platforms - Server (Jet backend): Now the server upgrades any repository database added using cm repository add command.

Before this release, the Plastic Server couldn't use an added repository when it was out of date.