Release Notes

Public Nov 03 2019


Unity 3D plugin: The Unity plugin now deletes files in batches. It means when it has to delete thousands of files, it is much faster than before.

Using a project with 1.000 files the delete time is:

* Before: 65 s

* After: 10 s (reduction of 84,6%)


All platforms - Plastic: Sometimes things are too easy. Like deleting a repository in Plastic. Two clicks and you can delete your whole repository forever. We have redesigned the delete repository dialog to help preventing accidental deletions.

Now, the dialog looks like this:

And the 'OK' button activates only when you enter the required text:

Functionality is the same for macOS and GNU/Linux:


Windows - Plastic: The GUI did not re-enable the buttons in the Pending Changes view after an error during the checkin. This prevented you from using it again unless you restarted the application. Now it's fixed.