Release Notes

Public Oct 31 2019


Windows - Plastic: Happy to announce that the new Code Review system is enabled by default.

You can find all the information about it in this blogpost: "Improving the new Plastic Code Review system" (Part I and Part II).


Windows - Plastic: Incoming Changes. The following limitations described in the "Announcing Incoming Changes" blogpost don't apply anymore:

* Not optimized after creating a new workspace. The Incoming Changes notification shows up when you create a new workspace saying there are tons of new changesets. This is because workspaces are created empty and pointing to the changeset zero of the main branch. Incoming Changes works well here, but it is more efficient to just launch a regular update. We'll get this one fixed asap.

* Incoming Changes is not refreshed after undoing local changes, which is not correct. We are working to fix it.

* Incoming Changes is closed when the update/conflict resolution finishes, but it is also closed incorrectly if a file is locked and the update can't happen.

* Plastic still doesn't launch Incoming Changes instead of a regular merge when invoked from the Update in Workspace Explore and there are conflicting changes in the workspace (behaves differently than Pending Changes and the new notification area).

* Plastic doesn't hide the new changes notification bar when switching workspace, which can create issues if you switch and click before it updates the status.

* The workspace status is not correctly updated. You are on cset 100, use Incoming to move to head (cset 200), but the status area still shows cset 100 incorrectly.


DevOps: Jira plug was not able to connect to some jira cloud server instances, because the jira plug didn't have support for TLS 1.2. Fixed.