Release Notes

Public Apr 17 2018


macOS GUI: Now, you can create new attributes directly from the GUI. To do so, click on the "Apply attributes" button on the right of the Branch Explorer, and click on the "Create" button next to the attribute list.


Windows GUI: we cleaned up the Branch Explorer view button layout.

We made a number of changes to try to make the Branch Explorer view cleaner.

* Added a date picker for quick filter by date from the toolbar.

* Added a push button to quick show/hide relevant changests from the toolbar.

* Zoom and home buttons moved to the diagram's right-bottom corner.

* Legend and keyboard shortcuts buttons moved to the help panel.

* Navigator and statistics buttons moved to the "Display options" panel.

* Bookmarks buttons aligned to right.

* Right-align the options (details) button.

This should reduce cluttering and make it more usable :-)


Gluon for Windows now can switch branches.

It is very easy to use: just click the "Switch" in the bottom panel and choose the branch you want to switch to.

Of course, remember that locks don't blend well with branches (yet, we are working on it).

While the initial design of Gluon was "as an artist I don't want to see branches", world evolved since, and teams did too. The same team that asked us to develop Gluon originally (Telltale) now needs to switch branches easily. More to come in this area.


Gluon UI: The option '--restorefulldirs' was added to the 'partial configure' command. This option allows to reset the directory configuration in partial workspaces.

Check 'cm partial configure --help' for more info.