Release Notes

Public Feb 23 2018


We made some changes in our custom file preview sytem so you can configure IrfanView as a external preview tool and, this way show previews for .psd files.

You can configure it by using the following command options to generate the thumbnail previews:

"@src" /convert="@output" /resize=(1024, 1024) /aspectratio


Bamboo CI Plugin: Added support for Bamboo 6.x.


Bamboo CI Plugin: Enable plan branch filtering based on Plastic attributes.

The goal is to support testing and merging task branches to main when a given attribute is set. This way trunk-based development can be easily implemented.

The recommended configuration for a Bamboo plan is as follows:

* Branch to track in the Bamboo plan when configuring Plastic repo is "/main".

* Enable automatic plan branch creation ("when new branch in repository is created" option is OK).

* Enable automatic plan branch merging. Select the Gatekeeper strategy (with "push on successful" enabled, which means the resultant merge will be checked-in to /main on successful build).

* Do not enable the "After branch was deleted from repository" checkbox when configuring the plan branch.

* Enable the plan branch deletion for just a couple of days of branch inactivity ("After branch inactivity in repository" option). Once the branch is merged to /main, you shouldn't be working on it anymore (this way you will save disk space and Bamboo plan branches available, if limited).

* Enable repository polling to track new changes once the plan branch is created.

When configuring the Plastic repository for a Bamboo plan, a new checkbox named "Enable Plan Branch filtering" will appear.

Once it is enabled, a textbox allows filtering the candidate branches to create a new plan branch in Bamboo in two ways:

* Specifying an attribute name and value pair as follows: attribute_name=attribute_value. Example: status=resolved which means that only the branches with an attribute named "status" with the value "resolved" will be sent to Bamboo to create a plan branch.

* Specifying a complex query valid for "cm find branch" command (which is the underlying plastic command executed to retrieve the candidate branches). It is not mandatory to specify a plastic attribute in this mode. Two examples below:

where owner!='john_snow' and date > '3/2/2018'
where attribute='stage' and attrvalue='done' and name like 'JIRA-%'


* Remember to create the Plastic attribute and apply the desired value (manually or through an external trigger) to the branches that you want to be built and merged by Bamboo.

* Find more info about Plastic attributes here


Mac: There were two BranchExplorer display options that weren't properly working: "display full branch names" and "display branch task info". Fixed.


Unity 3D Plugin: It failed to get the status of a locked item when the lock configuration was done through the webadmin. This happened because webadmin does not fill the lock server field in the lock.conf file and the unity3d plugin did not support an empty lock server specification.


Using Gluon, when we try to move a file that is in exclusive use by another application (another application has it open and locked), the move operation fails as expected with the error 'The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.'. But sometimes after release the file, when we try to move the file again, using gluon, the operation failed unexpectedly with the error 'Selector can't locate a revision for the item foo'. Now it's fixed and after release the file, gluon can perform move operation.


The new version for the Polarion plugin referenced '3.17.1+' instead of '3.17.3+'. Fixed


Bamboo plugin: The bamboo plugin was unable to retrive source code for a plan branch from Plastic repository after the first auto-merge operation performed on that plan branch. Fixed.


Bamboo CI Plugin: The path to the Plastic SCM command line was not printed when saving the configuration. Fixed.


Bamboo plugin: The bamboo plugin shown the data of the default repository instead of the selected one when users edited a repository in the plan configuration. Fixed.


KNOWN ISSUE: We have just detected an issue with "Sync with Git" feature targeting a GitHub repo. This issue prevents performing a sync operation correctly due to SSL/TLS restrictions on GitHub side. We're working on fixing this.