Release Notes

Public Aug 31 2017


Windows GUI, gtk and mac clients: As requested in user voice Add an option to hide merge info in the diff viewer, we implemented a toggle button that allows to "skip merge tracking" in the diff view. The button is only visible when several merge sources have been detected. When you click the button, diffs are not groupes by merge.


Server admin tool: Now it is possible to select a different backend from Jet on new Plastic SCM installations.

REMARK: Migration from a non-empty Jet database is still unsupported.


Fixed some specific scenario where GitSync was not pushing and pulling the changesets in one single step.


After the changes made to fix an issue with server aliases (serveralias.conf) and LDAP server, the branches and tags created in Git do not get an owner on the Plastic side when pushed, which can lead to problems. Now it's fixed


When editing text files with some IDEs (e.g. Visual Studio) the target file is moved to a temporary path and then the new contents are written into the original path while the previous (renamed) file is deleted.

The Plastic Tracker service acknowledges this workflow, but it was not handled for added files. As a result, Plastic showed a private file on the original added path and locally deleted file on the temporary path.

Now, this workflow is handled for added files and Plastic shows the added file on the original path with the new content (without any locally deleted file on the temporary path).


The following cases for the match patterns - used to cloak, ignore, etc. - were fixed.

1- Rules like /Simulator/Runtime/videos/** were affecting both the directory (/Simulator/Runtime/videos) and everything under it (such as /Simulator/Runtime/videos/scene_1/movie.mp4). This was fixed to be applied only to the directory contents, not the directory itself.

2- Given this set of rules:


The expected behavior should be to match everything except the content under directory paths ending with Development/Programming/Sql. That means /src/foo.c should match but /src/Development/Programming/Sql/project_1/data.txt should be spared. However, it turned out that everything was matched except those directories whose path ended with Development/Programming/Sql themselves (which was kind of weird). This was fixed and it should be working as expected now.