Release Notes

Public Aug 24 2017


***WARNING*** this release has issues with GitServer. If you are running GitServer, do not upgrade to this release.

After the changes made to improve aliases, we realized the branches and tags created in Git do not get an owner on the Plastic side when pushed, which can lead to problems.


TeamCity plugin: The Plastic SCM TeamCity plugin now supports the automatic merge feature. Yay!


Fixed issues with server aliases (serveralias.conf) and LDAP servers.

* cm lrep having client.conf to unreachable:9090 but an alias to reachable:9090 => failed with "can't connect to server" because the code doing the login to LDAP was not handling aliases (normal calls were, but not the login).

* cm lrep having client.conf already pointing to reachable:9090 and again an alias to reachable:9090 (typical case when you switch servers) => failed. The alias worked, but credentials were not recalculated, so it didn't work.

Both issues have been fixed and new tests added to avoid regressions.