Release Notes

Public Jul 11 2017


CLI: A new 'editcomment' subcommand was added to the 'cm changeset' command. It allows to edit comments of existing changesets in a repository.


cm changeset editcomment | edit <cset_spec> <new_comment>


cm changeset editcomment cs:15@myrepo "I forgot to add the checkin details"
cm changeset edit cs:cb11ecdb-1aa9-4f11-8698-dcab14e5885a "This comment text will replace the previous one."


We fixed an issue with override permissions. Check the following example:

* John belongs to groups "developers" and "leaders".

* At rep server level, we enable "view" and "read" for both "developers" and "leaders".

* Now in "code" repo, for "developers" we override "view" and "read" and they are left unchecked (not enabled or disabled).

* Since John belongs to "leaders" too => he should be able to see "code" repo. But he didn't.

We fixed this :-)