Release Notes

Public Jun 23 2017


Windows, Linux (GTK) and macOS GUIs, and CLI tools: now, by default, if you have pending changes to be checked in in your workspace, the Plastic SCM clients (both the GUI clients and the cm tool) will prevent you from performing a merge.

We introduced this to avoid issues while undoing merges to newcomers, but if you are familiar with how merge works, it is safe to disable this extra check.

To do so, you can do it from the GUIs under Preferences / Diff and merge / Allow to merge with pending changes, or manually editing your client.conf file adding the following key:


Before performing a merge, the GUIs will look for the same kind of changes that you have checked to look for on your "Pending changes" view preferences, meaning that, if you have a locally changed file, but you have the "Show changed items" option disabled on the Pending changes view, the GUI client will not prevent the merge even if the "Allow to merge with pending changes" option is disabled.

The cm CLI tool does not take into account the GUI settings, so it will look not only for checked out files, but also for locally changed, deleted, and moved files.


Windows GUI: moved paths were rendered in the "pending changes" and "diff" views as follows:

/dir/foo.c to /dir/bar.c

This was hard to read, specially when the path was long.

Now we highlight the changed portion of the path to make it more obvious, using the same colors used in diffs.

NOTE: We only highlight diffs in moved paths when the changes/diffs are displayed as a list. When they are displayed as a tree, diffs are not displayed.


Running the merge operation in a workspace with cloaked rules left the workspace in an inconsistent state for some uncommon scenarios. This happened when processing all merge conflicts, leaving the file conflict of a cloaked item unresolved and then processing all merges again. The operation then failed and no pending changes could be undone or checked-in. Fixed.


The "bug" section was not correctly formatted in the release notes viewer.