Release Notes

Internal Oct 07 2016


TeamCity plugin: The TeamCity's Plastic SCM plugin now allows to track & build changes on multiple branches (a.k.a. 'Feature branches').


TeamCity plugin: The 'Configure VCS root' step has been simplified. Instead of requiring a selector, the VCS root will ask for a server, repository and default branch name to track.

Also, the 'cm' executable path is no longer required (TeamCity plugin will assume the executable 'cm' is in the PATH environment variable.


* Existing projects configured with Plastic SCM VCS roots will need to be reconfigured.

* There's an issue involving the diff of moved + changed files due to limitations on TeamCity API, pending to be adressed.


TeamCity plugin: Server-side workspaces are no longer required. This will improve 'checkout from VCS' step and changes detection performance.


Mac OS GUI: Now, every table on macplastic will save and restore your preferences about column ordering and sizing between application restarts.

Also, the position of the splitters on each view are saved and resored between restarts.


Mac OS GUI: some windows were not correctly remembering their frame (size and position) between application restarts. Fixed.

(Note that some windows such as the preferences window, and all of the dialogs, will still appear centered and with their default sizes).


Windows GUI: The diff window wasn't allowing to edit revision contents on 'text diff' mode when the revision was marked as 'Editable' (it's the same revision as the one loaded in the workspace). Fixed.

(Remarks: Edition in 'Semantic diff' mode is still unavailable).