Release Notes

Public Oct 05 2016


Windows GUI: The 'Diff' window, the 'Pending changes' view, and the '2D revision tree' view are now able to show image diffs/contents. The following image formats are supported: bmp, gif, jpg, jpeg, jpe, jif, jfif, jfi, png, tiff, tif

The Image diff viewer allows to show diffs in four different modes:

* Side by side: View both images on two panels (left and right).

* Onion skin: The images are blended. A slider allows to show left or right image.

* Differences: A single image shows the differences between them. This option is only enabled when the size of both images are the same.

* Swipe: View portions of each image moving an slider.

The Image diff also shows differences in the image properties.


Windows GUI: Added spell checking when entering comments on 'Pending changes' view and 'Create branch' dialog. Spell check enablement and language preferences can be changed by right-clicking in the comments textbox and using the displayed context menu.

REMARKS: In order to enable spell check for a specific language, the windows language pack for that language must be installed.


Eclipse: Added a new action that allows 'diff with other label' in the branch explorer's 'label' context menu.


Mac OS Mergetool: macmergetool app shortcut will be added to /usr/local/bin. This way, macmergetool is likely to be included in the default $PATH environment variable.


Mac OS GUI: Syntax highlight engine crashed when running 'macplastic' under an account with no admin privileges. Now it's fixed.


Mac OS GUI: Fixed a crash loading the preferences dialog in 'Cloud Edition' installer.


Mac OS GUI: The macmergetool parameters configured by default on fresh installs where wrong, resulting in a 'Invalid length' error when diffing two revisions. Fixed.

If you are already experiencing this issue, the fix is the following: go to 'Preferences' > 'Diff tools' and remove the default diff tool from the list. Then, add it again by clicking on 'Add' and selecting the 'Default' one from the list. Finally, click on 'Save' button.