Release Notes

Public Aug 09 2016


GitSync & GitServer: The Plastic '/main' branch is mapped to Git 'master' branch. Now this mapping is also considered for the children branches of '/main' on Plastic, so '/main/task1' is converted to 'master-task1' instead of 'main-task1'.

Plastic branches are converted into Git branches by removing the hierarchy and replacing the '/' with '-'. For example: /main -> master & /main/task1 -> master-task1

From now on, every time a Git branch is converted into a Plastic branch, the '-' character is used to recreate the hierarchy in Plastic by keeping in mind the already converted branches. Example: master -> /main & master-task1 -> /main/task1.

The '-' character is also allowed as part of the branch name like the following example: master -> /main, master-fix-5.0 -> /main/fix-5.0 & master-fix-5.0-task1 -> /main/fix-5.0/task1


Gluon CLI: The behavior of the --ignorefailed option of the cm partial checkin command has been improved.

Setting that option will now force the checkin operation to discard any changes that cannot be checked in, so the operation will finish without them.

Previously, this option was only affecting to changes in conflict. Now, it also discard changes that cannot be submitted due to lack of permissions, locked files, etc.


Gluon: 'Update' operation from item context menu: The 'move' operations were only applied when updating the whole workspace. But now, if the source and destination of the move are selected, the move operation is correctly applied in the workspace from the context menu's 'Update' operation too.