Release Notes

Public Aug 03 2016


Checkin: The data validation step of the checkin operation has been improved. Now it's much faster than before this release.

Tested with 315K items in a SSD disk:

* Before this release: 45875 ms

* With this release: 1750 ms


Windows GUI, Linux (GTK) GUI and Mac OS GUI: Configuration dialogs now shows more user-friendly authentication modes:

* NameWorkingMode   -> "User name from the computer"
* NameIdWorkingMode -> "Name + user ID"
* ADWorkingMode     -> "Active Directory"
* LDAPWorkingMode   -> "LDAP"
* UPWorkingMode     -> "Built-in user and password"


Jenkins plugin: The use of relative paths in cm shell commands was causing Jenkins to crash on Mac OS X. The CI system is setting the current directory to invalid (out-of-workspace) paths. Fixed.


Fixed an issue in protocol auto-detection that ended up in a hanged server combined with clients having wrong LDAP passwords massively.