Release Notes

Public Jun 24 2016


Changes in Team Edition and Cloud Edition to simplify the evaluation process. We have redesigned the initial installation and configuration steps to make it much easier and intuitive for users evaluating Plastic SCM.

Changes start in the installer and then continue in the initial tool configuration (server selection, credentials and so on) and finally new dialogs help the user creating a new repo or joining an existing project.

Summary of installer changes:

* Windows Installer: Gluon or Plastic will be started on Windows at the end of the installation, instead of simply finishing and waiting for the user to start the right tool.

* Windows Installer: initial tool configuration happens with non-elevated user now. During installation you’re asked for "elevation" (admin rights on Windows) to be able to copy the files under "Program Files". Once the installation is finished, the elevation is reverted so that initial tool configuration happens on the unprivileged user account and not admin’s. This worked fine for user in the admin’s group, but not for regular users. We finally got it fixed.

* Linux: after configuring with gtkplastic running the first time, the tool was closed and you had to rerun. This has been finally fixed so it is much simpler now.

Summary of changes in Cloud Edition:

* All platforms: Cloud Edition credentials dialog: first time you run Cloud Edition client you are prompted to enter your Plastic Cloud credentials. The dialog has been redesigned to make it simpler.

* All platforms: Cloud Edition first steps dialog. Once you enter your credentials, you have to create a new workspace, new repo and so on. Now a new dialog helps you doing all that. It is capable of creating a new Cloud project with a local repo to push/pull changes, join an existing one or simply create a workspace (which is the option for users who are already familiar with Plastic and just want to do some quick operation). We made this change after listening to evaluators of Cloud Edition struggling to complete the first steps. The dialog is even capable of creating a new Sync View to synchronize the local and Cloud repos.

Summary of changes in Team Edition:

* All platforms: Team Edition server configuration dialog: first time you run Team Edition client you have to configure your server and enter your credentials. During evaluations it is very common that users install a server on their own machine. Now the configuration detects it and directly shows the "localhost:8087" as default server. The dialog has been redesigned too in OS X, Linux and Windows.

* All platforms: Team Edition first steps dialog. Similar to what we did for Cloud Edition. Once you configure your server and enter your credentials, a new dialog guides your steps creating a new "project" (new repo indeed) or joining an existing one, and creating the associated workspace.

General evaluation improvements:

* Once you start the Plastic GUIs (Windows/Linux/OS X) for the first time, there are a few hint panels explaining what you can do. It will not be useful for experts, obviously, but we think it can save newcomers a lot of time.

General Cloud improvements:

* We have created a new Cloud view. It is just a "repositories view", connected to Plastic Cloud. For Cloud Edition users it will simply list the repos on their cloud organization. For Team Edition users, it will show them that Cloud is there to help :-), and of course will show the repos in their Cloud organization as soon as they get one. The operations here were all previously doable from the regular "repositories view", but introducing this Cloud button on the GUIs we think we make it much more obvious to use, more visible and easy.

* New "create sync view" option has been added to the "repositories view" and the new "Cloud view". We just make it easier to create a sync view to synchronize a pair of repos (local and Cloud).


Linux (GTK) GUI and Mac OS GUI: User Voice: undo unchanged

'Undo unchanged' option is now available on the 'Pending changes' view. It is located in the 'Advanced' button on the right side of the main actions toolbar. ('Shelve' option has been moved to the 'Advanced' options on both GUI's).


Linux (GTK) GUI and Mac OS GUI: 'Branch Explorer' view: 'zoom' buttons are now available. They are located next to the 'Home' button.


Gluon: Added a 'Show update report' button on the 'Workspace explorer' view in order to show a list of updated, loaded or unloaded items when an 'update' or 'apply configuration' operation is performed.

(The button will remain hidden until the first operation is performed).


Windows Installer: Prior to this release, when a standard user was installing Plastic SCM and the installer asked the user for 'admin' privileges, the Plastic SCM client configuration tool launched at the end of the install process was taking the 'admin' user instead of the standard user that originally launched the installer. This windows limitation was preventing the standard user from being configured to use Plastic SCM indeed. Now, this limitation has been workarounded starting the client configuration tool with the "explorer.exe" process.


Windows installer: Now it is possible to choose whether start Plastic SCM classic GUI or Plastic Gluon before the install process finishes.


Linux (GTK) GUI and Mac OS GUI: User voice: add checkin to a new branch to MacPlastic and GtkPlastic

Added 'Checkin to a different branch' feature to the 'Pending changes' view (the new option is located in the 'Advanced' button). The changes can be checked in into a new branch or to an existing empty branch (in both cases the branch base will be the current changeset).

The changes can be checked in into the selected branch or just moved without checking in them.


Global configuration files: The location for the following config files: 'ignore.conf', 'cloaked.conf', 'hidden_changes.conf', 'writable.conf', 'readonly.conf' and 'filetypes.conf' in Plastic SCM's global configuration repository has changed.

Although we still support the previous configurations, now you need to commit the configuration files in the "plastic-global-config" repository following the next folder structure:

* Example for MyRepo:


* Example for allrepos



Linux (GTK) GUI and Mac OS GUI: When creating an xlink using the CLI's cm xlink command, the xlink's default expansion rule is not created, causing an exception when editing the target changeset using the GUI. Fixed.


Linux (GTK) GUI: When a controlled file was locally moved, the items view didn't render the deleted file correctly. Fixed.


Windows Mergetool: Several aesthetical improvements have been made:

* Fixed maximize / restore contributor buttons tooltips. All contributors were showing de same tooltip messages ('Maximize src contributor' / 'Restore src contributor') instead of using each own contributor name.

* The 'merge info' panel was not properly closed when the splitter was moved. Fixed.

* Aesthetical improvements on the 'XMerge' wizard.


Windows GUI and Windows Mergetool: The colored 'diff' regions bars were overlapping the 'search' bar sometimes. Fixed.


Mac OS GUI: The 'progress wheel' in the 'dynamic pending changes' view was not properly centered. Fixed.


Eclipse plugin: Fixed a NullReference exception when trying to decorate the text in the 'WorkspaceRoot' resource.


Command line client: Undelete command: Since release the cm undelete command stopped supporting revision specs by revision id (Example: revid:745). Now it's supported again.