Release Notes



Dec 23 2015

MergeTool Windows: MergeTool (xmerge!) gets a new look to get ready for 2016! We have improved the overall look and feel of the tool.

Now conflicts are clearly highlighted, conflict navigation buttons change color depending on the status and in general everything looks much better. The same tool, but lots of small details changed here and there to make it better than ever.


MergeTool Mac OS: Mac Mergetool is out! The native mergetool for Mac (Cocoa based) has been released! No need to continue using an external tool to deal with manual merges on Mac, you can finally switch to the familiar Plastic merge style. It is the first release of the tool and there are still things to improve, but it is already usable.

The Mac MergeTool is bundled together with Mac Plastic SCM installer package, and the GUI allows to choose the new MacMergeTool as the default tool in the preferences dialog (which will be the default option on fresh installations indeed).

While the new tool is fully functional, there are some small remarks and limitations to keep in mind:

* Xmerge (tracking moved code feature) is still not available.

* Line numbers and Syntax hightlight not available yet.

* No shortcuts for conflicts navigation yet.

* Some options are still missing: you can’t change the comparison method or encoding. The comparison method is set to 'recognize all' by default, which means it won’t ignore EOLs & whitespaces.

* Failed to merge files with a single byte encoding that has non-ASCII characters (System.Text.DecoderFallbackException). The workaround for this issue is setting the file encoding to UTF-8. (This issue also affects to Linux GTK MergeTool).

These limitations will be addressed in new upcoming releases.


Windows GUI: New Christmas greetings 'About' dialog.

Internal and public releases

The Plastic SCM development team works in short iterations delivering frequent releases.Our goal is to have at least one new release every week, with new functionalities, bug fixes and performance tweaks.

Every 'weekly' release is not published to our customers, but we like to detail each of them in the release notes so users can easily follow what we achieved on every short iteration.

The releases marked with the word "public" are the ones we do publish on the website. The ones marked as "internal" are the releases we create in-house to keep the project moving week after week.

Version numbering

Starting in Plastic SCM 4.0 the version numbering schema has been modified:

  • major.minor.compatibility.buildnumber

  • Sample: means:
    • 8 -> major release number
    • 0 -> minor release number
    • 16 -> compatibility -> all clients and servers with "16" in the compat number are compatible, even if the build number changes
    • 3333 -> internal build number