Release Notes

Public Oct 23 2015


Mac GUI: A new native, side-by-side 'diff' viewer is out! The 'diff' viewer has been added to the 'diff branch/changeset' window and to the 'Pending changes' view. It shows differences for changed files and the contents for added, deleted and moved files. The new diff works also for xlinks, directories and binary metadata.

This is an initial release, so there are a list of limitations to consider:

* Some options are still missing: it is not possible to change the comparison method, syntax highlight or encoding. The comparison method is set to 'recognize all' by default, which means it won’t ignore EOLs & whitespaces.

* Partial Xdiff support: it already detects moved fragments, but there are no buttons to navigate to the moved code or show the 'sub-diff' of the fragments yet.

REMARKS: This feature is not working in Mac OS 'El Capitan' yet.


Command Line Interface: Now cm diff on windows works correctly with command line diffs.

Custom diff tools can be configured as follows:

diff.exe "@sourcefile" "@destinationfile"

And get a correct text diff from CLI. All commands can now be configured as follows:

/window diff.exe "@sourcefile" "@destinationfile"

Where "/window" flag is the default, no need to set it.

And "/nowindow" flag is the old default, it doesn't allow a window to be created, good for GUI tools.


Linux GUI (GTK): Performance: Improve 'Pending changes' view performance when there are a large number of rows. Loading, sorting and filtering time has been improved significantly.


Linux GUI (GTK): A message bar has been added in the embedded diff viewer in order to show the noticeable messages for the user.


Gluon: The 'Apply configuration' operation now shows a report if something goes wrong loading or unloading files (just like the 'update' operation does).


Issue tracker extensions: Settings can now be customized per repository. Different specific settings for the same issue tracker can be adjusted to work with different Plastic SCM repositories.

To get further info about issue tracker global configuration, please visit the following link:


Jenkins plugin: Added build parameters support. Jenkins allows to define certain build parameters (

Plastic SCM is now able to use those parameters. Example:

* Imagine that there are two build parameters in a project:

branchname: default value (/main)
repositoryname: default value (default)

* These parameters can now be used in Plastic SCM selector using %parameter_name%. In this case you could write a selector as follows:

repository '%repositoryname%'
    path "/"
        smartbranch '%branchname%'

REMARKS: When using parametrized builds, the 'PollSCM' feature may not work as expected, because Jenkins performs the polling with the 'LAST USED' workspace, so maybe the selector is not pointing to the expected branch. When using parametrized builds, we recommend setting up two Jenkins projects:

* One for the parametrized build

* Another one to perform the poll with a non-parametrized, static selector.


Jenkins plugin: When a changeset was a result of a merge, Jenkins was not able to properly present modified elements in 'Changes' chapter. Now it's fixed.


Windows GUI: After checking out a file in the 'items' view, the status column was not properly updated. Fixed.


Windows Installer: Fixed several aesthetic issues in 'server-only' installer.