Release Notes

Public Sep 03 2015


Linux GUI (GTK GUI): A new native, gtk-based side-by-side diff viewer is out!

The new built-in diff has been added to the 'diff branch/changeset' window.

The new diff works for changed files and the contents for added, deleted and moved files.

This is an initial release, so there are a list of limitations to consider:

* Right now you can’t directly diff moved files under the “moved” group. We will add it later. In the meantime, go to the same file under “changed” to see the diffs.

* There are no diffs for xlinks, directories and binary meta-data yet.

* Some options are still missing: you can’t change the comparison method, syntax highlight or encoding. The comparison method is set to “recognize all” by default, which means it won’t ignore EOLs & whitespaces.

* Partial Xdiff support: it already detects moved fragments, but there are no buttons yet to navigate to the moved code or show the “sub-diff” of the fragments.


Windows GUI: SemanticSCM: Added support for external language parsers. Follow these steps to configure a custom parser:

1. Open or create the 'externalparsers.conf' file located in your Plastic SCM configuration directory (usually C:\Users\<your_user_name>\AppData\Local\plastic4)

2. Add a line to set the parser's executable path for each file extension, as follows:


2.1. Make sure there's no white space between the file extension and the '=' character.

3. Once Plastic SCM is started, all files having the defined extensions will be semantically parsed in all diff viewers.


Windows GUI: Branch Explorer: Replication sources can now be hidden from the options panel in the 'Branch Explorer' view.

To do that, open the 'options' panel and press the 'close' button on the replication sources you want to hide.

To show them again, just select 'Show excluded replication sources' option and the excluded sources will be shown on their original position.

To remove them from the 'excluded' list, press the 'add' button.


Replication operation: Improvements on the replication progress on Windows:

* Metadata transfer (after fetching data) now has progress.

* Improved localization of the messages during the replica.

* Data transfer on Windows get progress in MB (size).

* Cancel improved on Windows. It can't lock the GUI now.


Sync View: "Cancel" operation has been fixed. Now you can press 'cancel' button and the GUI won't look "hanged up" anymore. In fact it wasn't a server thing, just a GUI thing: the cancel button was disabled and everything looked "hanged up" while it really wasn't.

Also improved the status retrieval during replica to make it more responsive for very quick to push/pull branches.

Improved texts on the sync dialog so now you know if you're pushing or pulling and from/to where.

A "grey panel" was displayed when loading big sync view config files. It is now gone.


Windows GUI: Branch explorer: 'Display options' -> 'Enter visibility/relayout mode'. The explanatory text was not line-wrapped, so the text was not visible. Now it's fixed.


Users management server tool: umtoolgui application crashed when 'users.conf' file was corrupt. Now, an error dialog will appear showing a descriptive error message.


Users management server tool: umtoolgui application crashed when it was launched without root privileges on linux. Fixed.