Release Notes

Internal Mar 19 2015


Triggers: The 'before-checkin' and 'before-clientcheckin' triggers are now able to use a new environment variable called PLASTIC_PENDING_MERGE_LINKS. The variable contains information about the merge links included in the checkin operation.

The format of the serialized variable is the following:


Each MergeLinkSpec is composed of several fields separated by comma (,). Each field is separated from the value by the":" character. The following is an example:


The variables are:

*mergetype: can be one of the following constants: "merge", "cherrypick", "intervalcherrypick", "cherrypicksubtractive", "intervalcherrypicksubtractive".

*source: the source changeset spec of the mergelink, composed by the changeset number, the repository and the server.

*base (optional): if mergetype is "Intervar cherry pick" or "Interval cherry pick substractive", it's the base changeset spec of the selected interval. Otherwise, the field doesn't appear in the serialized string.


Windows GUI: Server file paths are now displayed in the caption on both sides of the embedded Diff View.


GUIs: improved the way to list repositories on known servers. Now each time you refresh the Repositories View, the list of known servers is created as follows: default server, servers.conf and the servers on 'automatic' profiles. Before the list of repos was loaded only once, so if you changed to a different network the result didn't change until app restart. Now it works as expected.


Windows GUI: If the active workspace on the Windows GUI is removed (by using the Command-Line client cm rmwk WK_PATH or removed physically from disk), the GUI will be frozen when trying to execute the next operation. Fixed.