Release Notes

Public Nov 06 2014


GUI: Branch Explorer: If the selected object is changed and their comments have been edited but not saved yet, a confirmation dialog is shown to let the user save the changes or discard them before changing the selection.


GUI: The about form contains now a link to the release notes in the website.


Unity plugin: Now it is possible to submit a single path under a directory that has been previously renamed/moved. The renamed/moved directory and its '.meta' file will also be submitted, as they are required dependencies for the selected path.


* The Unity project has the following structure:


* Rename /Assets/Fonts to /Assets/Fonts_renamed (the /Assets/Fonts.meta file will also be renamed to /Assets/Fonts_renamed.meta)

* Now, change the file /Assets/Fonts_renamed/C64.ttf and /Assets/Fonts_renamed/C64.ttf.meta

* Submit /Assets/Fonts_renamed/C64.ttf and /Assets/Fonts_renamed/C64.ttf.meta: The directory /Assets/Fonts_renamed and its '.meta' file will also be submitted as required dependencies.

Before this release, the submit operation wasn't able to finish sucessfully unless a full submit operation (submit all pending changes in the workspace) was performed. Now, it is possible to submit single paths in this scenario.


The mono version (2.6) included in the installer has an issue with the date conversion of files timestamp, causing that some files were wrongly detected as changed, after the daylight savings.

Now, the files timestamps are converted correctly even using old mono versions.


Command line client: The 'cm li' command was showing an expiration date for 'unlimited' licenses. Now the command shows 'unlimited' string instead of an expiration date.