Release Notes

Public Oct 28 2014


GUI: Implemented 'tree' view mode (items grouped by path) for Pending changes view and Diff branch/changeset views.

Items can be shown grouped by paths. To enable this new view mode, right click in the list of items and select the context menu option: 'view items' > 'as list/as tree'.


GUI: When an item moved on destination and changed on both source and destination contributors was diffed from the Merge view, a "Incorrect object specification" error message was shown. Fixed.


Annotate (blame): The 'blame' algorithm finds in which revision each line of a file was created. Normally it is just about traversing the parent revisions but, when merges are involved the calculation must consider also each merge contributors.

There was a bug finding whether the line was changed in the parent or in one of the merge sources. Now the issue has been fixed.