Release Notes

Public Dec 15 2021


Command-line client: We keep on updating the Spanish documentation of the command-line help.

Now, it was time for the following commands to be completely updated and match the English version of the command-line help:

* acl

* activateuser

* addignorepattern

* admin

* admin readonly

* applylocal

* archive

* attribute

* changelist

* changepassword

* changerevisiontype

* changeset

* changeset delete

* changeset editcomment

* changeset move

* checkconnection

* checkdatabase

* checkselectorsyntax

* codereview

* crypt

* deactivateuser

* diffmetrics

* fast-export

* fast-import

* fileinfo

* find

* trigger edit

We're still working on the rest of the commands, so stay tuned!

Alpha new

All platforms - PlasticX: New Workspace switcher

We got a lot of user feedback telling us that the "Switch workspace..." button at the bottom of the GUI was a bit confusing.

So, we've replaced it with a more useful and intuitive workspace selector. It allows you to quickly switch between your recent workspaces, open the workspaces view to create new workspaces, or open the repositories view.

We also improved how we display the details of the current branch, changeset or label.

Some demo:

Alpha bug

All platforms - PlasticX: Fixed refreshing issue in the update report dialog

We had an issue in the table of the update report dialog, that prevented it from refreshing after clicking "Update forced" or "Retry".

Now the issue is fixed, and the table gets correctly updated