Release Notes

Public Aug 11 2022


All platforms - GluonX: Remark current loaded revision

The current loaded history revision will be remarked in bold style in the History Panel.


All platforms - PlasticX, GluonX: Issue tracker configuration

A new preference option has been added to the Preferences window for the issue tracker configuration.

Some features will be available if this preference is enabled:

* Create new branch from a existing task.

* Checkin operations record attached to tasks.

* Automatic status transitions.

* Display linked tasks in pending changes view.


All platforms - Server: GUIDs storage is 5 times faster

We improved the performance of reading GUIDs in our Jet backend. Now reading a GUID is 5 times faster than before!

Taking into account that many objects in the Plastic SCM data model contain a GUID, almost all read operations (and especially those in bulk) will take advantage of this improvement. But not only that, the new method of reading GUIDs does not allocate any memory at all - so we also (slightly) reduced the memory footprint of the Plastic SCM Server. Good news overall!


Command-line client: GetWorkspaceFromPath command now displays workspace type

Workspaces can be of two different types: regular or partial (Gluon). In addition to that, Windows users can choose between static or dynamic workspaces (virtualized with PlasticFS).

Now, the GetWorkspaceFromPath command can display this extended information if the option --extended is provided to the command:

cm gwp C:\mygluonwk\ --extended
mywk C:\mygluonwk mymachine dca2b0fc-07ce-434f-949a-009d8c62034d partial dynamic

It is also possible to get this information through the --format option by using the 'type' and 'dynamic' keywords:

cm gwp C:\mysourcewk\ --format="Name: {wkname} | Type: {type} | Is: {dynamic}"
Name: mysourcewk | Type: regular | Is: static

More information in the help (cm [gwp | getworkspacefrompath] --help)


Server - DevOps: Code Review gating for Multiliner mergebot

The built-in multiliner-bot is now able to use embedded Plastic code reviews to drive the CI/CD lifecycle.

Enable the following "Process reviewed branches only" toggle button in multiliner-bot configuration to activate this feature:

The feature works as follows:

* When a code review of a tracked branch(*) is created, or its status changes, the task branch is queued in multiliner-bot.

* Then, multiliner-bot will eventually dequeue this task branch. But before continue its processing in the CI cycle, multiliner-bot will check whether there is at least a "Reviewed" code review for this branch. Otherwise, the branch processing is skipped, and the branch is queued again at the end of the queue.

* If there are more than a code review linked to this task branch, all of them need to be approved before processing the task branch.

* If all the code reviews are approved, the task branch continues its processing by the multiliner-bot:

* a)If the merge fails (manual conflicts detected), or the branch build in the configured CI system fails, the status of the linked code reviews of the branch will be set to "Under review".

* b)If the merge succeeds and the branch build succeeds too, the task branch is merged, and the "status" attribute of the branch is set to "merged" (these fields must be filled in the multiliner-bot configuration).

((*) tracked branch: those that starts with the configured branch prefix in multiliner-bot config)


All platforms - PlasticX: Checkin & Undo shortcuts

Checkin and Undo operations from pending changes view will be now available using key gestures, Alt+I for Checkin button and Alt+U for Undo button.


All platforms - PlasticX, GluonX: Fix date formatting for languages different than English

When the system language was not set to English, we were forcing some date and number fields to the English formatting. We did this to fix some issues with Turkish characters.

We addressed each issue individually, so now we can take the system language for date fields again, instead of forcing it to English.


All platforms, PlasticX, GluonX: Various diff improvements

* Updated the syntax highlight grammars to the latest version, which brings the latest language features for major languages like C#, Python, Java, etc...

* fixed some syntax highlight exceptions registered in the log coloring some documents.

* Improve the behavior when changing a file in the pending changes view or the diff view. Previously, when selecting another file, the diff viewer scrolled to the first line, and then it went to the first diff. Now the first line is not scrolled. See before and after:




All platforms - PlasticX: Create top-level branch

A new menu item has been added to branches context menu in Branches view and Branch explorer. This new option will allow to create new branch in level 0, a top-level branch.


All platforms - PlasticX: Color changesets by server in the Branch Explorer.

We ported the "Color changesets - replication source" functionality, already existing in the Legacy GUI, to the new GUI. It allows to set up custom colors for all the changesets belonging to a certain server.

This is how it works:


All platforms - PlasticX: Color changesets by user in the Branch Explorer

We ported the "Color changesets - users" functionality, already existing in the Legacy GUI, to the new GUI. It allows to set up custom colors for all the changesets created by a certain user.

This is how it works:


All platforms - PlasticX, GluonX: Automatically detect local server

When configuring Plastic for the first time, if you select the on-premises mode, you will see an empty server field that you must fill with the server you want to connect to.

Now, if there is a local server running on a well-known port, this field automatically filled:


All platforms - PlastiX, GluonX: Object GUID in Diff window

The object GUID has been included in diff window as diff metadata.


All platforms - PlasticX: Branch name shown incorrectly when branch explorer filtered

We fixed an issue where the branch name was being displayed incorrectly in the Branch Explorer when you filtered the view to show just the current and related branches. (You can do this from the context menu on a branch, from the "Branch Explorer" submenu).


macOS - PlasticX: Show History shortcut hides app

Cmd+H shortcut is currently used by the system to hide apps, so it can't be used in PlasticX to show the history view.

For this reason, the "Show history" shortcut has been changed to Cmd+Y and the Redo shortcut has been also changed from Cmd+Y to Shift+Cmd+Z.


Command-line client: PlasticLink arguments wrongly processed as option arguments

If you use a PlasticLink as argument for the command line, the command failed with a cryptic error message:

> cm attribute set att:CodeReviewLink@MyGame@MyServer:8087 br:/main/CoolFeature plastic://MyServer:8087/repos/MyGame/code-reviews/9999

attribute: Unexpected option --MyServer:8087/repos/MyGame/code-reviews/9999

Now the command does not fail.