Release Notes

Public Jan 14 2020


Command line client: have you ever wanted to see the status of your cloaked items using the CLI? Of course you have. And now you can! Use the new "--cloaked" flag of "cm status".

The normal status output denotes cloaked items with Cloaked. The machine readable output denotes this items with CL.


c:/wks/cloaked>cm status --cloaked
/main@cloaked@localhost:8084 (cs:23 - head)

Status               Size           Last Modified    Path

Changed / Cloaked     6.25 KB        5 days ago      Ambience_cloaked.wwu
Changed               1.75 KB       20 days ago      Car Engine.wwu

Status               Size         Path

Removed / Cloaked     69.02 KB    Factory Effects.wwu

Status             Size         Last Modified    Path

Private            111 bytes    4 days ago       cloaked.conf
Added / Cloaked      0 bytes    4 days ago       newcloaked.txt

c:/wks/cloaked>cm status --cloaked --machinereadable
STATUS 23 wwise localhost:8084
CH+CL c:/wks/cloaked/Ambience_cloaked.wwu False NO_MERGES
DE+CL c:/wks/cloaked/Factory Effects.wwu False NO_MERGES
AD+CL c:/wks/cloaked/newcloaked.txt False NO_MERGES
CH c:/wks/cloaked/Car Engine.wwu False NO_MERGES
PR c:/wks/cloaked/cloaked.conf False NO_MERGES


Command line client: We added a new code, "HC", to the machine-readable output of "cm status". It denotes files or directories included in the hidden_changes.conf filter.


c:/wks/hiddenchanges>cm status --hiddenchanged --machinereadable
STATUS 23 wwise localhost:8084
CH+HC c:/wks/hiddenchanges/Ambience_hiddenchanged.wwu False NO_MERGES


All platforms - Plastic: Diff failed with no-data replicated branches.

You replicate a branch with no-data and then the diff failed because it wasn't able to locate the original data.

Back in we made improvements in the diff to avoid showing "empty contents". It was a concurrency problem. Unfortunately, we broke the diff for nodata (data not downloaded to the repo, only metadata) and it refused to show the diffs loading missing contents from the original server.


Windows - Plastic: After disabling and re-enabling a button in the GUI, the icon color could denote that the button was still disabled. This color remained until an application restart. Now it's fixed!


Windows - Plastic: If you tried to close the Sync view while it is loading, it could make Plastic to crash and close. Now it's fixed.