Release Notes

Public May 06 2021


macOS - Plastic, Gluon: plastic links now functional!

Plastic Links are a great way to share content from your plastic repositories with your colleagues. You can easily share diffs, links to files and links to code reviews using Plastic Links. This feature first came to Windows, and is now available on mac!

* What is a plastic link? A plastic link is a URL that looks something like:


* How do I open it?

Just click on the link in the normal way and Plastic or Gluon will launch (if not already running) automatically and show you the content specified in the link.

* How do I create a link to share with my colleagues?

From within Plastic you can share diffs from any diff view by clicking on the Plastic Link icon in the top right corner. This copies the link into your clipboard, ready to paste into a message.

You can also share links to code reviews.

From Gluon you can get links to controlled content by clicking the Plastic Link icon in the file properties panel.


All platforms - Plastic, Unity Plugin: Changed the Privacy statement text for Plastic to reflect Unity's privacy statement.


All platforms - Plastic, Unity Plugin: Added the "Turn off Plastic SCM" feature, with which you can disconnect your project from version control.


macOS - Plastic, Gluon: SSO credentials dialog now is cancellable

When you are trying to perform an operation on a cloud server and are not authenticated, the credentials are asked through a modal dialog. This dialog was not cancellable, so if you wanted to return to the application you had to enter some credentials.

Now we added the possibility to close this dialog by pressing the Escape key.


All platforms - Plastic: Fix "Invalid session token" error

When using SSO, if the current token has expired, Plastic renews it automatically. For some API calls, this renewal was not taking effect until the application was restarted, resulting in an "Invalid session token", even though the token was already renewed. We fixed this error and now the new token is used as soon as it is renewed.


Windows - Plastic: Fixed exception when closing code review too quickly

If you close a code review before it finishes loading, you may get an unexpected exception. We fixed this issue, and now you can close it as soon as it appears on the screen


macOS - Plastic, Gluon: stability improvements

We corrected a potential source of exceptions in the diff window and code review window. Hopefully you'll find Plastic on mac more stable going forward.


macOS - Plastic, Gluon: further stability improvements on mac

We found and fixed a potential source of crashes in the Pending changes view and the semantic diff outline caused by trying to display a dialog when it was not possible.