Release Notes

Public Mar 12 2021


All platforms: Unity ID is now fully supported!

Welcome to full OAuth support for Unity ID, including 2 factor authentication. No more passwords!

We added support to ALL GUIs, so now you will be able to enjoy the full integrated experience:

This is a great step ahead in terms of security, ease of use and integration with the Unity ecosystem.


All platforms - Plastic - Gluon: Missing translations at help panels

Some words were not translated on the workspace's help panel and the pending changes' help panel:

Pending changes:

Workspace explorer:


All platforms - All GUIs: localization strings default to English

Whenever we add a new feature there will be a period of time between releasing the new feature and translating all the text values shown in the new feature into all the languages we support.

During that period, the text for the new feature will be shown in English.


Windows - Plastic: Improved help dialog for built-in mergetools

When a user decides to specify an external diff or merge tool, they'll have an improved

resizable help dialog box. This new box contains usage examples for how to set up an external

tool, and links to the kdiff3 and araxis diff/merge tools, that are commonly used.

Help dialog box for an external diff tool

Help dialog box for an external merge tool

In addition to this, we've updated the help dialog boxes for our own merge tool options.

Help dialog box for our merge tool:

Help dialog box for our binmerge tool:


DevOps - Triggers: Webtriggers now support sending Discord and Slack notifications.

cm tr mk after-checkin MyDiscordAfterCheckinTrigger "webtrigger-discord[channelId]/[token]" --server=myPlasticServer
cm tr mk after-checkin MySlackAfterCheckinTrigger "webtrigger-slack[channelId or UserId]/xoxb-[SlackBotToken]" --server=myPlasticServer

More info about Plastic triggers


All platforms - All GUIs: only one credentials dialog will show up simultaneously.

We solved a well-known issue that has been hitting us since the beginning of times: multiple credentials dialogs were displayed simultaneously, which looked awful and was also a pain to use.

It happened because multiple threads required credentials at the same time, then even if all of then required to access the same server, you had to type creds again and again and again.

Now only one dialog will be displayed at the same time and if the creds are ok, they will be reused by the other threads, so you won't have to type them multiple times.


All platforms - Plastic, Gluon: applications brought to front after Single Sign On

During Single Sign On, a browser is launched to complete the sign in process. When this completes, we now bring Plastic to the foreground automatically, so you can continue the sign in process.


Windows - Installer: Improved performance installing the Visual Studio Package

We detected in some configuration that PlasticSCM installation was taking much longer time when Visual Studio was previously installed and had to reinstall it, taking up to 25 minutes to get it done. Now it's fixed so it takes the expected extra time to install a VSIX package on Visual Studio


DevOps - Slack: The Slack plug was not adapted to work with Slack API recent changes

Slack has removed support to some endpoints, one of them used to get a user private channel Id. Fixed to use the new way to send private messages using Slack API.

More info about Slack deprecation endpoints here


All platforms - Server: The pull operation is protected against concurrent delete changeset operations.

The pull could leave a changeset without data on the following scenario:

* Mary pull branch /main/task0103 from the central server

* Mary's pull ends with all the metadata from /main/task0103 and starts pulling the data.

* John deletes the last changeset of the branch /main/task0103, the changeset 2021.

* Mary's pull doesn’t find the data of the changeset 2021.

Before this task, the pull operation left the changeset 2021 replicated without data.

Now, the pull operation is canceled when it detects that the changeset 2021 was deleted. It warns about the situation and asks for retrying the operation, so next pull doesn't include the changeset 2021.


Windows - Plastic: Wrong font size at onboarding Login Panel textboxes

When the SSO mode was enable login panel textboxes's font was bigger than the font used in other texts. Now font size is the same whether the SSO is enabled or not for all panel texts:


All platforms - Plastic, Gluon: East Asian language strings updated


All platforms - Server: The new .net core builds now support Tube.

You probably never heard of Plastic Tube, but it is a cool P2P tech we can enable to access servers behind firewalls. It has been around for years but we never made it official.

We just made it work in .net core servers, because it only worked for .net framework and mono, and we're deprecating those.

Not sure what the future of the feature will be, but we continue testing it in stealth mode.


All platforms - Plastic: fix issue where code review comments were not displayed

We corrected an issue where code review comments were not being shown for deleted files.


DevOps - Triggers: Before add item trigger fails during merges with only merge link in changes.


More info about Plastic triggers here


All Platforms - Plastic: Removed incoming changes notification when the workspace is on a label

When the workspace is pointing to a label, your configuration is static, so you shouldn't be able to update the workspace to a more recent changeset. We removed the incoming changes notification that appears at the top of the window and in the pending changes view when the workspace is configured against a label.


All platforms - Server: fixed messages in command line server configuration tool

We broke the messages in the server configuration tool (that you can launch by running "plasticd configure"). It displayed the message keys instead of the messages themselves. Fixed!


All platforms - P4Sync: The Perforce changes with blank spaces were skipped. Fixed.

The changes with blank spaces in their paths were not properly processed while importing changes from Perforce to Plastic, so they didn't appear in the equivalent Plastic changeset.

This only affected to the standard Perforce importer (p4), not to the new Perforce multibranch importer.

Example of paths that were skipped:

/folder with blank spaces/AssemblyInfo.cs                                            
/folder/Content For Review.doc