Release Notes

Public Feb 22 2020


Command line client: updated the "cm undo" inline help to explain the current limitation regarding reverting file deletions. Namely, to undo a deletion, you must either specify the full path of the item, or specify the containing directory and use the recursive ("-r") flag.

For example,

$ cm undo .

(Does NOT undo deletions in the current directory.)

$ cm undo . -r

(Undoes all deletions (and other changes) in the current directory recursively.)

$ cm undo src/file.txt

(Undoes deletion (or other change) of src/file.txt.)


All platforms - Gluon: Perhaps you noticed that private items you chose to add in the Workspace Explorer turned into controlled for a short while, then eventually they appeared as Added (as one would expect). This happened in big repositories, since the GUI takes longer to calculate the status and size information.

Right after refresh, the tree could only know whether an item was private or not. That's why you saw added items displayed as controlled. It's kind of confusing, though; that's why it's fixed now!


All platforms - Plastic: We improved the search buttons behavior in the branch explorer. Previously, those didn't focus any matching changeset, label or branch -even if they were visible- when you toggled the "Only relevant" option. Now it's fixed.


Windows - VSPackage: Visual Studio crashed after checking-in files from the Pending Changes view. Now it's fixed.


Linux - Server: Fixed a wrong message during server shutdown.

Often we saw a wrong message during server shutdown like this:

plasticd --console
plasticd daemon up. 672 ms startup time

Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Hopefully it won't happen again.