Release Notes

Public Feb 06 2020


All platforms - Command line client: cm find review command improved. Now it is possible to find reviews filtering by human-readable status strings. Valid string values are: under review, reviewed and rework required (case insensitive).


> cm find review where status='under review' --format="{title} - {status}"
Review task branch HMP-238 - Status Under review

Total: 1


Plastic SCM Plugin for Wwise: We are pleased to announce the first release of the Plastic SCM Plugin for Wwise. Wwise users can get Plastic source control functionality from within the application.

To use the Plastic SCM Plugin for Wwise, you have to copy the plugin dll from your Plastic SCM client install directory to the following location in your Wwise install:

<Wwise install directory>/Authoring/x64/Release/bin/SourceControl

Where <Wwise install directory> is usually something like C:\Program Files (x86)\Audiokinetic\Wwise 2019.1.X.YYYY.


1. In “Project” menu, open “Project Settings…”.

2. In the “General” tab, “Workgroup” -> “Plug-in” combo, select “Plastic SCM”.

3. Click “Config…”.

4. Here you can set the path to the cm.exe. If left blank it will pick up any cm on the system %PATH%.

5. Click “Test connection” to check the setup.

6. If the cm path is correct AND the project is in a Plastic workspace, you should see the message “Test connection executed successfully”.

7. If you see “No workspace found for project”, check that the project is in a workspace.

8. If you see “Failed to start Plastic SCM Shell Process.” Check the cm path.

Here are some screenshots:


All platforms - Server: Experimental Lz4 decompression could enter into a death loop.

This is not a critical issue since we didn't enable Lz4 network compression by default yet.

We detected that when the client (using Lz4) closed the socket, the server side could enter into a tight loop trying to continue reading bytes and burning CPU (empty loop trying to read again and again). That's now fixed!


Windows - Plastic: We increased the initial width of the Repository Explorer dialog so its controls don't overlap. This dialog allows you to select the target repository in the "New workspace" dialog.


All platforms - Proxy server: The proxy server didn't handle revisions with missing data right. This is a common scenario if you replicate branches to a repository using the --nodata flag (which we call "dehydrated replica").

In this case, the proxy server didn't do anything special during download. It considered those revision data to be already downloaded but the expected cache didn't exist on disk... so the proxy server thought that the missing files weren't there because a cache cleanup and retried the download three times. This meant an unnecessary delay of 1.5 seconds in total.

The proxy server will now know about this scenario and return quickly so the client can talk directly to the server.