Release Notes

Public Jan 22 2019


CLI: 'cm hist' command: we added new fields to the output so it is now possible to print the repository name, server, full repository spec (name + server), and then we added format helpers like "tab" and "newline".

* repository

* server

* repspec

* tab

* newline

In addition, human-readable parameter names are now accepted. Note that the old parameters based in numbers are still supported:


All GUIs and command line client: It is now very easy to add ignored files if needed.

So far it was not possible to add an ignored file. You had to un-ignore it, and then add it.

We made two improvements:

1) Now you can select a single ignored file or directory and simply add it.

2) If you add a directory, all the files not explicitly ignored will be added, even if they are in ignored directories.

These changes affect both to the all GUIs and the command line.

A few examples:

Suppose that foo.c is ignored. You can right click on it on the GUI and simply add it. Or you can run cm add foo.c successfully.

Now, let's consider a more complex scenario. Check the following structure:

 src/lib/           - ignored
 src/lib/bar.c      - not ignored
 src/lib/foo.c      - ignored
 other/             - ignored
 other/other.txt    - ignored

Now suppose you add a recursive add in the root of the workspace ("cm add -R . --addprivateparents" on command line or "add directory tree to source control").

* Then the non-ignored file "bar.c", and its parent "lib", will be added.

* The directory "other" will not be added because it does not contain any non-ignored files.

The following figure explains the scenario:


Server: Jet backend. We added detailed logging and additional integrity checks to the Jet backend to ensure its stability and improve traceability.

When the server detects that a Jet file is corrupt, it throws the following error:

"The content of '{filepath}' is not valid. Please contact for assistance.".

Before, the server tried to use it and failed with an unexpected error like an "End of file".

We also added extra log to monitor the file size and its changes. When every Jet file is used the server logs its size (e.g. "File '{filepath}' opened for reading. Length: X bytes. Size: Y bytes.").

The server also logs size changes (e.g. "Commit append for '{filepath}'. Length X bytes.").

We introduced these changes after detecting (and recovering) a corrupt Jet file in one customer after a big power failure in their server.


CLI: The cm diff command always displayed "Workspace revision" as symbolic name in both left and right revisions when the diff was launched from the command line using revision specs. Now it's fixed.


WebAdmin: The migration to Jet failed with the error 'Could not map file' when there was an existing Jet database in the destination database path. Now, we report correctly to the user that the database path must be empty instead of showing a weird error like 'Could not map file'.


Gluon for windows: When clicking the button "Scan network" in the preferences dialog, general section, a "missing resource" error was displayed. Now it's fixed.