Release Notes

Public Apr 06 2018


Windows GUI: we made some changes in the tabs of the main window, including resizing and rewording.

We made the tabs adjust better to the title, so more text is readable now.

We also made a big change: "Items view" is gone and now we call it "Workspace Explorer". Hope this won't annoy old users, but we think "items view" is too abstract for many newcomers.

This will solve this User Voice Reduce tab text to fit within tab shapes

Now, a story about "items view": back in 2005 we named versioned files and directories "items". In fact, each version of a file or directory was called "revision" but in order to refer to the abstract object itself we called it "item". See what I mean? An item can have many revisions, each of them containing data (contents of a given file or the directory entries if the item is a directory). Item/revision is like class/object. We had this "item" concept so deep in our minds, that we kept the "design name" in the GUI. And it survived 13 years :-) Now it almost sounds ridiculous to us, but for a long time we didn't almost pronounce file&directory but "item". Fortunately, now we simply try to make things simpler for users :-)


When you try to cancel a replication operation that failed just while it was starting, the cancel failed with the error 'AssertFalse has found a positive condition'. Now it's fixed.


Jenkins plugin: In Blue Ocean, if a build included multiple changesets, only the first one was rendered in the details. Also, the info for the commit and timestamp columns were not filled. Fixed.


The merge-to operation failed under some circumstances when the merge included at least a deleted directory and a moved directory. This could happen only when the moved directory contained one item involved on the merge. Now it's fixed.


OS X GUI: A null value message was shown, in rare circumstances, during the merge. It didn't have any effect on the operation. It was only an issue in the progress notification. Now, it's fixed.