Release Notes

Public Oct 19 2017


webadmin - the new web based server administration console.

The new web user interface will replace the old Windows-only admintool and configureserver and it is available on Linux and OS X. This way we close one long term request: cross-platform admin tool.

webadmin also implements an interface to configure users and groups (users.conf and groups.conf) replacing the previous Windows-only umtoolgui.exe.

webadmin provides not only a way to finely tune the server but also comprehensive documentation about what each parameter means and how to use it, and links to more information when needed.

The new admin console allows you to:

* Configure the network, including ports (TCP, SSL), the auto-discovery service and more (REMARK: UDT is not working at this point, but it will be ready soon).

* Configure authentication: to select the authentication mode (user-password, LDAP, Active Directory, etc), finely tune each mode (different params in LDAP, for instance) and even configure users and groups in UP.

* Repository storage: to tune params and migrate to a different backend.

* Advanced parameters like forcing specific client versions, timeouts, threadpool settings and more.

* Configure the audit log.

* Configure lock rules: that now are also auto-reloaded without having to restart the server.

* Comprehensive license configuration: both during evaluation and server operation.

* A new support functionality to easily create "support bundles" to send relevant info in seconds when an issue happens.

* Monitor: a server monitoring panel to track health and performance parameters.

How to use it:

Quite simple, just open a browser to your server address like this: We do not support HTTPS yet. So, don't open it up to the Internet.


* server.conf, remoting.conf, db.conf and lock.conf are now reloaded on the fly. Make a change editing a file, and the Plastic SCM server will reload the config immediately.


* Create support bundle not yet working on OS X.

* UDT configuration not yet working.

* Comment limit is not correctly working on the SQL backends yet.

* HTTPS NOT supported yet, so do not open it up on public Internet.


Tube was not working with LDAP servers that had the Token configured.


Detected a performance issue in LDAP+UP groups with +3700 groups => groups.conf were reloaded each time group membership was checked, which was extremely slow. Fixed.


clconfigureserver: Entering an invalid key for some values (language, working mode...) in interactive mode caused the tool to exit. Fixed.