Release Notes

Public Oct 10 2017


Now the server watches for changes in remoting.conf and can reload the network configuration without restarts.

The server checks remoting.conf for changes every couple of seconds (checks the write time of the file previous to read its contents).

Example: suppose the server is listing on port 8087, and now you change it to work on 8088. Current active connections to 8087 won't be stopped, but new ones will be only accepted to 8088.

Remark: config reloading won't run if --port or --sslport arguments are used to launch plasticd.


lock.conf now is reloaded by the server if the file changes. No need to restart the server anymore to load lock rules.


Gluon configuration broken: it wasn't unable to list repositories. Fixed now.

It was a regression of a task to improve the handling of aliases introduced in