Release Notes

Public Aug 04 2017


Gluon: The program file is now a 64-bits executable file.


GUI: A new configuration file called 'externaltools.conf' is now available to run actions on the selected objects. It can be included in the plastic-global-config repository at /externaltools/externaltools.conf.

It allows you to define external applications and how they'll receive the selected object properties. This is the syntax:

<objectType>[:<objectType>[...]] | <toolName> | <pathToExecutable> | <args>

- objectType: the name of the targeted object. It can be either item, label, changeset or branch. They can be combined using ':' to separate them.

- toolName: The name of the tool to be displayed in the context menu

- pathToExecutable: Absolute path to the targeted application. Spaces don't need to be escaped or protected.

- args: The arguments line to be passed to the targeted application. There are three currently supported placeholders: @object (replaced with the object name), @repository (replaced with the repository of the object) and @wkpath (replaced with the current workspace path). Please note that the replaced values might contain blank spaces, so they'll probably need to be surrounded with quotes.


item | Open with sublime | C:\Program Files\Sublime Text 3\subl.exe | "@object"
label:changeset:branch | Create new code review... | /usr/bin/createcodereview | "@object@@repository" @wkpath

This actions will apear as a new menu item called "External tools" in:

* Branches view context menu

* Changesets view context menu

* Labels view context menu

* History side panel context menu (only GTK & Mac)

This actions will appear appended to the "open" menu item submenu in:

* Items view

* Pending changes view

* History view (only Windows)


Cloud: Now, the comment of an object can be updated on the Cloud server.


Using some SQL backends, the update operation failed when an empty cloaked.conf was added to the repository. Fixed.


Windows GUI: The #regions in the C# language were not correctly collapsed when the diff option "collapse regions wihtout diffs" was enabled. Now it's fixed.


The global configuration system always loaded the default server global configuration (i.e. the server defined in the client.conf file) instead of the current workspace repository server. Fixed.


The Branch Explorer submenu in the branch explorer context menu of selected branches didn't enable the appropriate actions. GTK never allowed to navigate to the branch base and Mac submenu was always empty. Fixed.