Release Notes

Public May 19 2017


An awesome new feature: Plastic Change Tracker service for Windows to precisely track file moves and renames beyond heuristic guessing.

It is in experimental mode at this point. This new service takes advantage of the file system internals to precisely track file renames and moves, something we could only guess before (quite well, but just an heuristic after all).

It means binary file renames and moves (where diffing does not apply) will be incredibly precise now.

How to use it:

* You need to install the new service: plasticchangetrackerservice.exe --installservice. Then you can start it with --start or simply going to the service control panel.

* Use plasticchangetrackerservice.log.conf to configure log if needed.

* Enable it in your client.conf creating a new XML entry named: UseChangeTrackerService, set it to YES.

* Restart your client.

* Changes will only be precisely tracked while your client is open. You can do the changes directly in Explorer, but you need the Plastic client to be opened. We plan to improve this later.

* How do you see it is working? Well, every move won't be "moved locally" but just "moved" now because the change is applied immediately.



PlasticProtocol now supports sending the "author" of commits for Git/P4 and fast-import syncs. So far only remoting supported this.


Windows GUI: Fixed some UI issues when using high DPI screens:

* Diff view tree columns grew over and over when you opened the diff view several times.

* Replication Source panels in Branch Explorer grew over and over when you refreshed the Branch Explorer view several times.

* The Replication form content was not fully visible.


Windows GUI: The "Show in Branch Explorer" context menu option was not properly working for changesets, labels or branches from repositories different from the workspace repository. This happened when there were multiple Branch Explorer views in the same workspace.


The replica operation might leave duplicated branch names in the destination repository if the pushed/pulled branch name already existed in destination with a different parent id.