Release Notes

Public May 03 2017


Gluon: now, you can save a given revision of a file to your computer. To do so, after selecting an item (both in "workspace explorer" and "configuration mode"), right click on a revision on the details panel on the right, and click the "Save this revision as..." menu item.


Improvements in ActiveDirectory servers working in LDAP mode. Now it is possible to:

1. Configure the user using the UPN (userPrincipalName) or the name (samAccountName). Previously only the name was supported.

2. Configure the attribute to display the user and group names. Previously only samAccountName was supported.

To configure the attribute used to display the name just add this setting to server.conf file (inside the ServerConfigData section):



Jet backend: the performance of the 'list repositories' operation has been improved.


Jet backend: the locks (exclusive checkout) resolution performance has been improved.


Jet backend: using Jet backend with high-performance mode enabled, commit a locked file was failing with the error 'The process cannot access the file 'Z:\jet\transaction\0bc91799-41af-4397-a910-e78f13ae4a90\items.dat' because it is being used by another process.'. Fixed.