Release Notes

Internal Jan 28 2013


Added some shortcuts to the GUI:

* Ctrl+D to show branch and changeset differences from the Branches View, Changeset View and Branch Explorer.

* Ctrl+V will focus an item in the Items View if you have copied the item path in the clipboard.

* The diff view (diff branch, changeset) uses the following shortcuts:

** Ctrl + Alt + + to navigate to the next file

** Ctrl + Alt + - to navigate to the previous file

** Ctrl + Shift + Alt + + to navigate to the last file

** Ctrl + Shift + Alt + - to navigate to the first file

** There is no need to focus the differences control to navigate through differences (Ctrl+ + or Ctrl + -).


cm sync: Added --commentseparator option to customize a separator for the comments added automatically by Plastic SCM (e.g.: when --traceinfo option is set). If --commentseparator is not specified, the default separator will be a couple of new lines.


The cm ls command did not show proper information if the --tree option was used along with a workspace or a non-existent path. Fixed: Now, if --tree or --selector="rep..." are specified, the path provided must be a server path (/dir/file.txt), not a workspace path (C:/Users/myuser/mywk/dir/file.txt).