Release Notes

Public Nov 30 2016


Server: Now it is possible to customize ldap requests timeout. To do that, add a new entry in the server.conf file as follows:



Server: Improvements in ServerStats log: cache counters are now printed, GC info is formatted for easier grepping.


Server: Improved thread id and user information in the log to ease debugging.

* Threads have been cataloged in types so it is easier to debug complex heavy load scenarios. See thread types below.

* Every DEBUG line in the log will now print the cataloged thread id (a prefix + the managed thread id).

* UserId will be now printed on each DEBUG call by default (current users will need to update their loader.log.conf).

* The channelcall log now includes user information so it is now easier to group calls (not only IP like before).

The new ThreadId property in the log is formed as follows: a prefix + the managed thread id (before the %thread% property was printed, which printed the OS thread id, which made debugging harder).

The prefixes are defined as follows:

 W-                 Worker thread: Plastic threadpool threads attenting method calls.
 NetworkThread-     Single thread to launch all socket receive async operations.
 A-                 Async thread: system threadpool thread attending socket receive async operations.
 Main-              Main process thread.
 Audit-             Audit log thread.
 ActivityScheduler- ActivityScheduler thread.
 AutoDiscovery-     AutoDiscovery service thread.
 InitServices-      Thread used to start up the system in Windows service and Unix daemon modes.
                    Not used in Console mode.
 R-                 Replication thread: threads launched to run replicas.
 S-                 Tcp and SSL socket accept threads: there is one of this threads for each port
                    the server listens on.
 Udt-               Udt socket accept threads: one of this for each Udt port the server listens on.
 Tube-              Tube server thread connecting to the remote tube server and accepting requests.
 ConnCollector-     Single thread closing unused connections to other servers every 30 seconds.
 GitHttpServer-     Git http server thread accepting requests.
 GitHttpServer-     Git tcp server thread accepting requests.
 GitServerRequest-  System threadpool thread to attend a GitServer request.
 GitMappings-       Thread calculating object mappings for the GitServer.