Release Notes

Public Nov 04 2016


Branch Explorer multi-selection improvements with search. (Applies to Windows, OS X, Linux).

* Now it is possible to select a changeset, find another one using the search, CTRL-click it and do a "diff selected changesets". It is very useful to diff distant changesets.

* Multi-selection and search also works for branches.

* The colors of the selections have been modified so that now it is very clear when you are doing multi-selection (colors are subject to change in coming releases because we are still testing combinations).

Previously it was not possible because selection was lost after searching.


Server: The active/inactive users aren't reloaded each hour anymore, improving performance on servers with huge work load.


Gluon: New options have been added to the context menu of 'search for files' dialog when right-clicking matched items:

* Checkin

* Checkout

* Undo checkout

* Undo changes

* Update

* Open

* Open with

* Open in explorer


Linux (GTK) GUI: The size and position of the application windows are now preserved between application restarts (main application window, 'Switch workspace' window and 'Differences' window).


Linux (GTK) GUI and Mac OS GUI: Improved look & feel for several dialogs, adjusting them to an unified style, and reviewed some texts (titles and explanations).


Linux (GTK) GUI and Mac OS GUI: Now it is possible to diff selected chunks of text. To do that:

1. Select the first text chunk from a 'diff viewer' textbox (pending changes view, diff window, merge window...).

2. Choose 'Add diff selection' option in the context menu.

3. Select another chunk of text and choose 'Diff with previous selection' option in the context menu.

An external diff tool will raise showing the diffs of the selected text chunks.


Eclipse plugin: Improved overall performance when there is no connection with the Plastic SCM server.


Server: The replication process was stopped due to a LDAP exception (LOCAL_ERROR) when trying to resolve an user that doesn't exists anymore in the AD server.


Mac OS GUI: The preferences window wasn't being shown in the Cloud Edition. Fixed.


Linux (GTK) GUI, Mac OS GUI, and Command Line Interface for Linux and Mac OS: some special characters were not supported for file and directory names, resulting on an error when handling them from Plastic SCM. Fixed.

Please have in mind that there are some unsupported characters on Windows filesystem that Linux and Mac OS filesystems support, and there could be some files added to Plastic SCM from Linux and Mac that might not be available for Windows workspaces. This is not a Plastic SCM related issue, but the way NTFS and Windows handle paths.


Windows GUI: The 'comment' field of the changesets on the 'Explore changesets on this branch' window was clipped on its bottom edge. Fixed.


Windows GUI: The 'help' icon was missing in several views. Fixed.