Release Notes

Public Jan 20 2016


Linux GUI (GTK): Now, the 'pending changes' view monitors the file system for changes detection, increasing the 'pending changes' calculation performance.

Previously, each time the user asked for 'pending changes', Plastic SCM walked the workspace directory structure looking for changes. Now, Plastic SCM takes advantage of 'INotify' (when available) to do that.

Although the workspace directory structure is walked the first time the user requests showing the 'pending changes', the next requests will only check the notified 'dirty' directories. As a result, the 'pending changes' calculation will be much faster!

Important remarks:

* This functionality is not compatible with shared workspaces (changes done from a remote machine will not be detected).

* 'INotify' requires a 'watch handle' to be set for each directory in the workspace. Unfortunately, the default limit of watch handles (8192) may not be enough for reasonably sized workspaces, and reaching the limit will force Plastic SCM to disable the usage of this new improvement. So, it is recommended to increase the 'watches' limit to a higher value (e.g. 32768). To do that in Debian, RedHat or SuSE distros, run the following command in a terminal (root privileges required):

 echo fs.inotify.max_user_watches= 32768 | sudo tee -a /etc/sysctl.conf && sudo sysctl -p

If you are running ArchLinux distros, run the following command instead:

echo fs.inotify.max_user_watches= 32768 | sudo tee /etc/sysctl.d/40-max-user-wa

* To force disabling this new feature, add the following line in the Plastic SCM's 'client.conf' config file:



Gluon: Now, private items can be hidden in the 'Explore workspace' view using the context menu option 'Hide private items'.


Gluon CLI (cm partial): Now, only the new loaded paths specified by cm partial configure command are downloaded but not any other new content inside a 'fully checked' directory.

(Previously, the new contents inside 'fully checked' directories were always downloaded).


Windows GUI: 'Add to ignore list' dialog now allows to edit rules before saving them. This option is also available for cloacked elements.

For further info about configuring ignored items, please visit our blog:


Gluon: Trying to add + checkin files to a new repository using Gluon, failed with the following error: 'The operation can't be performed in standard workspaces'. Now it's fixed.


Cloud: The exclusive checkout rules were not working for submodules. They were wrongly stored on their parent repositories. Fixed.