Release Notes

Public Aug 07 2015


Windows GUI: Analyze Refactors – to help you diff refactored code that has been moved between different files. It is only available for Windows.

Diff a branch or a changeset and you will see a new “Analyze Refactors” button. Click on it and it will parse your C#,, C or Java code to detect refactors.

This way you can easily diff a method that was moved between two files as a result of a class being split. Plastic will locate the two versions of the method, on different files!, and you’ll be able to easily diff it.

This is what we call multi-file semantic diff and it is another step ahead towards Semantic Version Control.


Server autodiscovery has been improved. Now there are more chances to find active servers on LAN or WiFi networking.


Tube: Now the control connections retry after 500ms, then 1 sec, 5 secs and up to 60secs. Try to react faster if a short network cut happens.


Triggers: New 'change attribute value' server side trigger implemented. The trigger type is chattvalue.

This kind of triggers will be launched when the value of an attribute applied to a certain object changes, and they can be fired both before and after attribute value is changed.

Find below examples of how both 'before' and 'after' chattvalue triggers can be created:

cm mktrigger before-chattvalue before-chattvalue-trigger-name "c:\triggers\check-before-chattvalue.exe"
cm mktrigger after-chattvalue after-chattvalue-trigger-name "c:\triggers\check-after-chattvalue.exe"

When a chattvalue trigger is fired, the follwing info will be available reading from the standard input:

* 'before chattvalue' format: object_spec attribute:"att_name" value:"att_value"

* 'after chattvalue' format: object_spec attribute:"att_name" oldvalue:"old_att_value" newvalue:"new_att_value"


* 'before chattvalue' : br:/main/task985 attribute:"STATUS" value:"OK"

* 'after chattvalue' : lb:BL145 attribute:"RELEASED" oldvalue:"FALSE" newvalue:"TRUE"

The following environment variables are also available to be used during the trigger execution:


REMARKS: To take advantage of this new kind of triggers, both Plastic SCM client and server should be upgraded to this version.


GTK & Mac GUI's: The 'diff' window now supports showing the contents of added and deleted files.


Installers: client .zip installers now sets a+x permissions to application launcher scripts


Mac OS server package: There was an error when configuring MySQL as database backend: “codepage 1252 not supported". Fixed.