Release Notes

Public Jun 30 2015


Initial release of the Semantic version control initiative.

Now the Windows GUI includes built-in semantic diffing for C#, and Java. Each time you diff a branch, a changeset or a file from “pending changes” you’ll have the option to switch to semantic mode.

The new diff with semantic capabilities is able to:

* Match methods (declarations of any type in fact) to calculate the diffs. You moved a method down? No problem!

* Decorate the side by side text diff with symbols (A- added, D- deleted, C- changed, M- moved, R- renamed) to better understand the changes.

* Ignore code format changes such as indentation and EOL changes. Suppose you just split a method call in several lines without other changes – the diff will be ignored by default.

Important remark: This new feature forces the Plastic SCM GUI to depend on .NET 4.5.1 and higher.


Windows GUI: A workspace can now be activated by double-clicking on it on the 'Workspaces' view.