Release Notes

Public Jun 19 2015


CLI: The cm ls command now accepts branch specs for its --tree parameter. These branch specs will need to begin with the usual 'br:' prefix to tell them from changeset specs, e.g.:

cm ls /code --tree=br:/main/scm13596@myrep@denver:7070


CLI: The cm history command now accepts server paths, no longer requiring a workspace. A new revision spec format is required for that matter:


These are some valid examples:

rev:serverpath:/src/main/bar.c#cs:9371@codebase // If default server is secure:8088
serverpath:/doc/ // If executed inside a workspace whose server is codebase@secure:8088

Additionally, other commands (such as cm cat or cm diff) benefit from this new kind of revision specs.


cm cat serverpath:/src/lib/foo.c#br:/main/task5591@otherrepo
cm diff serverpath:/src/lib/foo.c#cs:135@mainrepo serverpath:/src/lib/foo.c#cs:351@mainrepo


CLI: the cm listlocks command has modified its syntax. Calling this command without arguments will produce the same output as before: the list of locked items in the default (current workspace/client.conf) server.

Now it is possible to target different servers using the new --server=address:port parameter.

Finally, the cm listlocks command now accepts a list of revision specifications from which Plastic SCM will display a line for each associated item detailing the lock information, if their associated items are actually locked in their servers.

The --server parameter will override the spec servers.

This is the new command syntax:

cm listlocks [revspec [revspec ...]] [--server=address:port] [--onlycurrentuser] [--onlycurrentworkspace]


cm listlocks
cm listlocks --onlycurrentworkspace
cm listlocks --server=myserver:9090 --onlycurrentuser
cm listlocks revid:93152@codebase@mainserver:9095
cm listlocks itemid:1115#cs:611@extensions
cm listlocks serverpath:/src/foo.c#br:/main@game@gameserver:8084  serverpath:/doc/ --onlycurrentuser


Windows GUI: New features in the textbox editor are now available, such as:

* Enable the edition for the added and moved files.

* Enable the edition when the revision on the right side (destination) is on disk for the 'diff branch/changeset', 'changeset explorer' and 'code review' windows.


Merge: On certain complex structure refactors (with several directories moved, causing cycles, reusing paths, etc.), the differences could omit some deleted items. As a result, the merge operation could fail when a file that is inside an omitted deleted directory is changed on the other contributor. Fixed.